Services offered

Reiki Treatment followed with Sound Healing* - 60 min. $70


* Chakra tuning forks are used to correct resonant frequency to that part of the body that is vibrating out of harmony, and cause it to vibrate back into its normal, healthy rhythm, restoring it to a condition of health.

 Reiki complements many forms of treatment and is not to be used as a substitute.

Reiki Treatment for Animals - 30 min. $30


Animals respond very well to Reiki.  They have an inherent understanding of energy and find the treatments very soothing.   

A Reiki treatment can help animals with pain, trauma, illness, anxiety and provide an overall sense of peace.  

I treat all domestic animals.

Energy Space Clearing


Price is based on a sliding scale depending on the size of the home or business.  Call or text for rates and to schedule and appointment.


Reiki Usui shiki ryoho Training

Reiki Level I - $125

In this class you will learn:

  • History and principles of Reiki.
  • The Chakra system and how it relates to Reiki.
  • How to use Reiki and the placement of the different hand positions.
  • How to heal and balance yourself.
  • Be attuned to Level 1.
  • Practice using Reiki .

Includes manual and certificate of completion.

Reiki Level II - $175

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1

In this class you will learn:

  • Second degree Reiki symbols and increase your ability to channel Reiki energy.
  • Be attuned to three new Reiki symbols.
  • Practice using the new symbols while giving treatments to clients.
  • Learn distant healing techniques.
  • Developing your Reiki practice.

Includes manual and certificate of completion.

Reiki Levels I & II - $275

This class will include everything in both Reiki levels I and II training and attunements.  

Includes manual and certificate of completion.